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Charles Brenner, PhD.
Charles Brenner, PhD.Roy J. Carver, Chair and Head of Biochemistry; University of Iowa
Dr. Brenner is the Roy J. Carver Chair & Head of Biochemistry at the University of Iowa, as well as a founding co-director of the University of Iowa Obesity Initiative. In 2004, Brenner, then a faculty member at Dartmouth College, discovered nicotinamide riboside (NR) to be a previously unknown vitamin precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). His team further established the longevity-promoting and sirtuin activating activity of NR in 2007 and was the first to demonstrate human oral availability of NR as an NAD boosting compound. Considered the world’s leading authority on NAD, he has published more than 40 scientific articles and patent applications on the roles of NR and NAD metabolism in model systems and humans. His laboratory continues to dissect the mechanisms and targets of NR and its impact on human health.
Marie Migaud, PhD.
Marie Migaud, PhD.Abraham Mitchell, Professor of Oncologic Sciences at the Mitchell Cancer Institute
Dr. Migaud recently joined the University of South Alabama as an Abraham Mitchell Professor of Oncologic Sciences at the Mitchell Cancer Institute. Prior to this role, she was Professor in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry for the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland- UK. Over the past decade, Dr. Migaud has developed an extensive chemical biology program that focuses on NAD metabolites, whereby her findings allow biology experts in the field to test specific NAD-dependent biological events with regard to cell survival and homeostasis, energy metabolites, DNA repair and gene regulation. In addition, her studies have opened the door to detailed analysis of NAD metabolism processes.
Roger Kornberg, PhD.
Roger Kornberg, PhD.Stanford Medical School professor; Nobel Prize winner – Chemistry 2006
Dr. Kornberg, is professor of structural biology at Stanford Medical School. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006 for his research on the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription. Dr. Kornberg earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Harvard University in 1967 and his PhD in chemical physics from Stanford in 1972. He became a postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England and then an assistant professor of biological chemistry at Harvard Medical School in 1976, before moving to his present position at Stanford in 1978. Kornberg’s father, the late Arthur Kornberg, was the founding chair of biochemistry at Stanford and was awarded the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine in 1959. He was an early investigator in NAD biosynthetic pathways while at the NIH.
Amy Boileau, PhD., R.D.
Amy Boileau, PhD., R.D.Vice President, Technology, ChromaDex
Dr. Boileau is the of Vice President, Technology, at ChromaDex. She earned her PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she also completed an internship in clinical dietetics. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in cardiovascular disease genetics at the University of Cincinnati. Her expert opinions have been featured in interviews for National Public Radio and The Wall Street Journal. Her professional interests focus on personal nutrition for good health, global nutritional practices, and the role of nutrition in healthy aging.

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