NR opposes type 2 diabetes & neuropathy in mice

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Millions of people struggle with obesity as well as pre-diabetes or diabetes. These metabolic disorders are often associated with poor glycemic control which can lead to diabetic nerve damage (insensitivity to heat and touch). It’s been recently discovered that NR can improve metabolic health in overfed mice.

In this study, researchers evaluated whether supplementing diets with NR might be a safe and effective nutritional approach to improve whole-body metabolism and protect against diabetic nerve damage in mice. To do so, they induced pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes in the mice. A third group of mice was the control group. They were looking for evidence of improved metabolic health: resistance to weight gain and better glycemic control.

The study found that NR supplementation was successful at reducing fasting and non-fasting blood glucose levels, as well as weight gain, and was protective against sensory nerve damage.

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